Facebook & Instagram Advertising Solution

$249.00 for 1 month

Facebook & Instagram Advertising Solution

$249.00 / month
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We handle everything to get you up and running including:
  • Review & creative brainstorm of your Ad Brief
  • Creation of your Advertising Account
Every month we create a new ad campaign that is targeted to 2 different audience variations with 3 different ads shown to each. That’s 6 new ads every month that include:
  • Ad Design & Copywriting: Our creatives produce the ad headline, images, main text and call-to-action that combine to achieve your primary objective.
  • Targeting: We then ascertain the best targeting options to use to ensure that your ad is delivered to those that are most likely to respond. To be sure we split-test 2 audience variations every time.
  • Ad Set-up: Next we physically create the ads within Facebook / Instagram with all the right technical settings. For each campaign we create 3 ad variations to test and find the best performer.
  • Ad Budget Management: We set the advertising budget according to your instruction but use it wisely by testing on a small scale first and only scaling up once the campaign has been monitored & optimised to profitability.
  • Each Ad Campaign is designed to achieve one primary business objective (such as creating website traffic, new leads etc) but it may also include secondary objectives such as generating phone inquiries or walk-ins to your physical location.
  • We create & optimise a new Campaign & 6 Ads each month to progressively build layers of campaigns that combine to achieve multiple business objectives.
  • All campaigns can continue running indefinitely if required (even if you decide to cancel with us).
We provide everything you need to understand your campaign results:
  • Full ad results sent to you via email
  • Open access to your Facebook Ad account (with all analytics) provided whenever required
  • Premium next business day email support
  • PACKAGE PRICE | Save 50% 12 month agreement
*Service is month-to-month & may be cancelled at any time. is added for clients only.
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